Anna Butwell (USA / Germany)

The year was 1999, the location lower Manhattan. I, from a small town, he from Frankfurt. We met as college freshmen, the first time in both of our lives allowed to roam free. Most often slightly buzzed on cheap 40’s of Olde English beer, purchased with a long forgotten souls fake ID, roam we did. Through the empty glittering streets of the financial district, past the ever putrid Fulton Fish Market, through the glistening streets of China Town. On one tour, we stumbled upon what was akin to the 8th wonder of the world for us; a plaza of AstroTurf volcanos, spewing steam into the lower Manhattan air. This plaza, now long gone, became one of our most beloved stops. It was only later that we learned the steam we were inhaling was a waste byproduct of the subway system.