METALLOphone: Memory of the Place (2022)

The 6th International Biennial of Contemporary Metal Art

30th September 2022, Museum of Applied Arts and Design

Special quests

Sigitas VirpilaitisLT with solo exhibition
Museum of Applied Arts and Design

Catarina HällzonSE with solo exhibition
Jewellry school-gallery „Vilnensis

Emmanuel LacosteFR

List of participants

Not finalized

  • Agnieszka KnapSE
  • Amandine MeunierFR
  • Ammeli EngströmSE
  • Anastasia KandarakiGR
  • Andrea AuerAT
  • Andrea WagnerNL
  • Anja EichlerDE
  • Anna ButwellDE / US
  • Anna FaniginaLV
  • Anne RikkinenFI
  • Anne RoolahtEE
  • Annika IngelaereBE
  • Anu KirkinenFI
  • Arek WolskiPL
  • Ari PyöräläFI
  • Brune BoyerFR
  • Carole DeltenreFR
  • Charlotte VanhubroeckBE
  • Claudia MilicDE
  • Daniela MalevDE
  • Danni SchwaagDE
  • Daria EdströmSE
  • Dimitar StankovBG / BE
  • Dovilė BernadišiūtėLT / SE
  • Edu TarinES / DE
  • Fabiana FuscoIT
  • Fritz MaierhoferAT
  • Gabi VeitIT
  • Gabriella Mika GoldsmithDK / US
  • Gigi MarianiIT
  • Hanna RyynänenFI
  • Hans-Otto OjasteEE
  • Heidemarie HerbDE / IT
  • Helena SandströmSE
  • Ikaros MoushouttasCY / BE
  • Ilona TreimanFI
  • Ines AlmeidaPT
  • Ines NunesPT
  • Jana MachatovaSK
  • Janne JansenDK
  • Janne PeltokangasFI
  • Jeanine van der LindeNL
  • Johanna TörnqvistSE
  • Jordi AparicioES
  • Jorge ManillaMX / BE
  • Juan HarnieBE
  • Julia Maria KünnapEE
  • Julia ObermaierDE
  • Jussi JärvinenFI
  • Kadi VeesaarEE
  • Kadri MälkEE
  • Kairi SirendiEE
  • Kaori JuzuJP / DK
  • Kira FritschDE
  • Klara BryngeSE
  • Kristyna SpanihelovaCZ
  • Lena LindahlSE
  • Lena OlsonSE
  • Lisa BjorkeSE
  • Lore LangendriesBE
  • Loukia RichardsGR / DE
  • Luis TorresPT
  • Maarja NiinemägiEE
  • Maja HoutmanNL
  • Malene KastaljeDK
  • Margit HartAT
  • Marja NinemägiEE
  • Martin GrosmanCZ
  • Maud TraonFR
  • May GananES
  • Misato TakahashiJP / ES
  • Nelli TannerFI
  • Nelly Van OostBE
  • Nicolas EstradaES
  • Peter BauhuisDE
  • Peter VermandereBE
  • Petronella ErikksonSE
  • Reka LorinczHU
  • Rikke LunnemannDK
  • Roberta Consalvo SancesIT
  • Sanna Svedestedt CarbooSE
  • Sara GaczkowskaPL
  • Silke SpitzerDE
  • Silvia Serra AlbaladejoES
  • Sofia BjörkmanSE
  • Susanne HammerAT
  • Teresa DantasPT
  • Tiina RajakallioFI
  • Tuija HietanenFI
  • Urmas LüüsEE
  • Urve KüttnerDE
  • Ute KolarDE
  • Veera MetsoFI
  • Vivi ToloumidiGR / DE / BE

It is the only international event dedicated to contemporary authorial jewellery in Lithuania, which is increasingly gaining importance both in the Lithuanian cultural field and in the international community of jewellery-makers. The theme of the sixth biennial is MEMORY OF A PLACE. In modern society, the themes of locality, slow living and discovering one’s roots are becoming more and more important. Every place we have been in for a long time affects us – and we, in turn, leave our mark on it. That is how historically significant cities become cultural palimpsests, full of references and hints that, in many cases, we can no longer decipher – but the memory they contain manifests itself in a variety of ways, unnoticeably seeping into our consciousness.

But memory lies not only in the world’s great cities; it is everywhere, in every place that becomes important to us, in every place we feel connected to. The memory of a small town, a lonely homestead or a room of teenage years also lies hidden in the walls, the air, the things left behind or in the view outside the window, which we then dream of in a completely different country many years later. The memory of a place is expressed both through the return to tradition and in the use of local, place-specific materials, as well as in the form of objects or buildings that are embedded in the memory of a person, family or even an entire generation. Local materials, unique shapes and important places can be communicated through jewellery and stay attached to our body forever. Places affect us, we affect places. We remember each other.

METALLOphone is harmonised by

The Lithuanian National Museum of Art
Jewellery school-gallery Vilnensis

The project is funded by
Lithuanian Council for Culture