METALLOphone: Signature (2018)

The 4th International Biennial of Contemporary Metal Art

The 2018 METALOPHONE Biennial is special. It is a special year as Lithuania celebrates the centenary of its Independence. The venue chosen for the exhibition is also special: the exhibition hall of the Signatars House of the Lithuanian National Museum. This space is binding, specific, and historically very significant. It was in the House of Signatories that the Act of Independence was signed – the document that officially proclaimed and consolidated the declaration of independence. The signature of each signatory is a personal confirmation, a contribution to independence.

That is why the theme of the 2018 Biennale is “Signature/Signature”. It is both an allusion to the House of the Signatories and the signatures on the Act of Independence, and at the same time an encouragement to demonstrate one’s artistic individuality and artistic style. Each artist’s manner is like his or her personal signature, which marks the world around them. Each author’s signature is a confirmation of his presence in the world; each artist’s work is his signature.

The project is funded by Lithuanian Council for Culture